1. Activities Regulations

The 2023 Seoul Bicycle March is an event that runs in Seoul on a bicycle. Only  healthy people aged 12 or older (10  or older for bicycle parade participants/pre-riding  participants)  who own their  bicycles and can  ride bicycles can  participate in the  event. You can participate in  rental of 따릉이 (individual rental)

(1) Considering the health status of participants

Recently, not only injuries but also deaths have occurred at various sports events. Participants should participate in the event in consideration of their health conditions. The competition secretariat subscribes to event insurance (compensation liability) and deploys ambulances at the destination in case of an emergency.  However, there is no additional compensation for  injuries and accidents that occurred during the event except  for the  scope of  compensation covered by  the insurance (the  insurance subscription amount  limit on the table) along with  emergency measures. Participants must check and decide on their own whether they can participate in the bicycle parade without difficulty through medical institutions.

- In the course of an event (until you leave your destination by starting to ride a bicycle for a bicycle agent).
-Disease is an internal cause of the body, especially during marathons and long-term races, cardiac infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, shortness of breath, sudden death, vomiting, and muscle pain, and can be seen as a disease accident. Insurance is not covered for these disease incidents - if the actual participants and applicants are different, they cannot be compensated for any accidents that occur during the event.
- Accidents that occur regardless of the event will not be compensated.

- Deaths caused by excessive drinking may be investigated after the event.
Therefore, please avoid acts that make it difficult to recover your body after exercise, such as drinking right after the event.

(2) Privacy Policy

[ According to Article 102 of the  Enforcement Decree of the Insurance Business  Act, you can  collect resident registration  numbers]

 <Enforcement Decree of the Insurance Business  Act>

Article 102 (Processing of Sensitive   Information and  Unique Identification  Information)  The  Financial Services Commission   ( including those  entrusted with the  affairs of the Financial Services Commission under Articles 194  and 100 of this  Decree) or the Financial Supervisory Service.
The insurance company may process data including health information ( hereinafter referred to as "health information ") or resident registration number, passport number, driver's license number, or foreign registration number (hereinafter referred to as "unique identification information") under Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
<New Year 20126.1.> 1. Business concerning the conclusion, maintenance, management, payment of insurance money, etc. for others pursuant to Article 639 of the Commercial Act:
Health information or unique identification information on insured persons
 2. Article 719 (including reinsurance contracts applied mutatis mutandis. 726 of the Commercial Act)



1. General rules

The Seoul Bicycle Agency's personal information protection policy complies with the Personal Information Protection Regulations under the Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act and the Safety Administration's personal information protection guidelines.  Personal information protection guidelines allow  participants to change related laws and government guidelines , add/ change new internal services,  

and expand their  services.

2. Items of personal information to be collected

The Seoul Bicycle Agency Secretariat  collects personal information as  essential items for the smooth progress of event  work and the  provision of  competition-related services. Name, nationality, English name  (if necessary), date of  birth ( for insurance  purposes only), gender, zip code, address, phone number, mobile  phone number, souvenir size, Instagram  account, etc.

3. Consent and method of collecting personal information

Personal information is not collected without personal consent. Regarding the personal information handling policy or terms and conditions, "Do you agree to the terms and conditions?" Do you agree to the terms and conditions by setting up a procedure to click on the button? If you click on it, you will see that you have agreed to collect personal information. The information you receive when applying for participation is the name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, etc. of the participant. We would like to inform you that the information you have entered is not used for any purpose other than the purpose stated in advance.

4. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

Participants collect personal information only when they voluntarily and specifically fill it out. Personal information collected ranges from simple content such as name and email to specific details such as address, gender, age, occupation, and health status. In all of these cases, it specifies the personal information and how to use it. This is a  customized personalized service  that identifies  the participants themselves, or is intended to guide you through payment and other event information. In addition, when participating in various events or contests, personal information is collected through questions for the purpose of the service. In this case,  apart from  this privacy policy, the contents of the collection,  usage, and  personal information  protection methods are  specified.

5. Non-purpose use and provision to third parties

In principle, personal information should not be shared without the consent of the participants. However, due to the need to provide better services, we do not provide any reason other than guidance from the Seoul bicycle agency and various events. In that case, it is used within the scope notified by <Personal Information Collection Purpose and Use Purpose> and is not used in excess of this range or provided to others, other companies, or institutions. However, if personal information is used for other purposes, it provides users with a way to notify it and refuse the service, and if legitimate procedures are taken, personal information is not disclosed unless necessary to protect the rights and property of users. In addition, exceptions are made when the participant himself or if some information is inevitably required for the implementation of commercial transactions, etc., if there is a request from the intelligence agency through legal procedures under the relevant law.

6. Consignment of personal information

Minimum personal information is entrusted as follows for bicycle homepage operation, delivery of goods, insurance subscription, transportation of goods, and record management, and necessary  matters are  stipulated in accordance with related laws to  ensure safe  management of  personal information.

Website operation and participant reception management: Biz Solution Team, Runable Co., Ltd

Packaging and delivery of goods: Cheonjo Global Co., Ltd

Insurance subscription: KGA Asset-EST Branch

Recognition Table: Cheonjo Global Co., Ltd

Participation fee card payment: Innisis

Participant Field Management: Crespo Marketing Co., Ltd

7. Correction and deletion of personal information

Participants can view or correct their registered personal information at any time. You can view and correct personal information by modifying participant information. If you have any other complaints or suggestions, please give your opinion to the person in charge of personal information technology and we will take action as soon as we receive it and notify you of the results of the processing.

8. Period of retention and destruction of personal information

As a participant in the Seoul Bicycle Agency, the participant's personal information will remain in the Bicycle Agency Secretariat and be used to provide the service while receiving service from the Event Secretariat. However, if  the participants themselves  delete personal information or request  cancellation or  if the purpose of  receiving the  personal information informed in  advance is  achieved, the  collected personal information will  be completely  deleted from  the DB by a method that cannot  be played after the period specified by the relevant law. However, personal information can be held up to a certain point for purposes such as providing it to investigative agencies.

9. Technology and System Policy for Personal Information Protection

Personal information filled in for participation fee payment will be sent in an encrypted form and the industry standard  SSL (secure socket layer) will be used for user convenience .  Keep in mind that you can collect, process, and abuse the personal information you provide voluntarily, intentionally or unintentionally, and collect, process, or abuse the personal information registered in your search through bulletin boards, e-mails, and other Internet services. The company is not responsible for such disclosed personal information.

10. Collecting opinions and handling complaints

We are doing our best to protect personal information. If you have any improvements or suggestions on the personal information handling policy, please give your opinion to the Seoul Bicycle Agency Secretariat.

11. Personal Information Management Department

Personal Information Department: Runable Biz Solution Team

12. Confirmation of whereabouts of responsibility for personal information protection

The company is not responsible for the leakage or infringement of personal information to third parties other than those listed in the above privacy policy.

13. Obligations for Notification

If there is any addition, deletion, or revision of the current personal information handling policy, it will be notified through the "Notice" on the website at least 7 days before the revision.

* Runable Co., Ltd.,  the secretariat of the Seoul Bicycle Agency , collects information from  applicants that can  identify individuals such as their real name, date of  birth, and contact information. I agree to the policy of collecting birth dates and handling personal information for insurance.필수Required items :  Personal  information such as name, date of  birth, participating department, address, contact information, etc. will  be  used  for insurance  subscription / compensation provided  by the organizers ( texting), courier delivery,  etc. However, personal information is not disclosed to others, other companies, or institutions for commercial purposes. However , personal information may be disclosed to  take legal action if  the applicant  violates the  participant's precautions and  terms of use, causes  legal damage to  others, or damages customs.

2. Departure Movement Guide

* Parade

- All participants in the event must be aligned 20 minutes before departure time.
- To facilitate the parade, we will start in groups A/B/C.
> Group A
:  Participants who  can travel more  than an  hour at  25 km/h > 

Group B
: Participants who can travel more than an hour at 20 km/h >
Group C:
: Participants who want to drive slowly below that speed

 start at 8 a.m. sharp departure signal.  (Schedule change is possible)

3. Equipment and Clothing

 - In principle,  all participants must wear helmets in case of safety accidents, and those  who do not wear helmets are  restricted from  participating in  bicycle marchers for  personal safety.

4. Distribution of snacks and beverages

 - Only  those wearing participation number tags can  receive snacks and  drinks after  completion.

5. Guidelines for Participating in the Seoul Bicycle Agency

 - Please  move safely to the goal and observe  the traffic  signal.
- Participants who engage in acts that are detrimental to the safety of other participants may be ordered to stop immediately. - Please  move safely to the goal and observe  the traffic  signal.

 - Free riders  are  not subject to  separate control,  so please  take special care  of your  safety and drive  freely.

6. Operation and traffic control of dropouts

 If it is difficult to drive due to physical conditions or if it is deemed impossible to complete due to abnormal equipment, ask a  nearby safety guard for  help and use the event  operating vehicle (return bus/bicycle transport truck/emergency vehicle) provided by the  organizer .

7.  Regulations and attachment methods  for participation number tags

- Participation number tickets are prohibited from being arbitrarily produced or altered, and two or more different number tickets are not allowed to travel at the same time.
- If you attach a modified or damaged number tag, you cannot participate in this event (parade).
- You can't transfer the number card to anyone else at your discretion.In case of a safety accident, the organizer is not responsible for anything.

– Participants must attach the official participation number tag provided by the organizer to the front of the bicycle handle using a cable tie.

8. Other Precautions

- On-site  application for the Seoul Bicycle Agency is  absolutely not possible.

- Bicycle parade and pre-riding cannot be  accepted in duplicate. - Participation identification forms and information leaflets  will be  shipped in advance.
- Due to the nature of the event, the warehouse is not open. -
Participants  must apply according to the application form on the website. If you  are a  participant who is not a normal application  method, you must take  full responsibility as  well as  insurance benefits in the  event of an  accident.

* The organizers and  secretariat are not responsible for this.